We love going to cons just as much as the next nerd, so here's a list of cons that you'll be able to spot one of us at! We hope to see you there! :3

Animeland Wasabi
February 28th - March 2nd

Animeland was founded by Andrea Cortright and Miller Timmons due to a strong desire to give something more to the ever-increasing anime community by providing a “New Way to Anime”. Debuting in Denver, CO with Animeland Wasabi, Animeland has become the up-and-coming provider of anime conventions

Nan Desu Kan
September 12th - September 14th

Nan Desu Kan (a Japanese pun translating loosely to 'what is it?') began its life in 1997 at the Tivoli Student Union as a small, fan-run convention with just 200 or so attendees. These days, several hotels and more than a decade later, NDK is still a fan-run convention. And with a total weekend attendance of more than 21,000 (over 7,000 people per day), it's now the largest convention in Colorado and 14 surrounding states (excluding Texas), as well as one of the top 15 largest anime conventions in the country.

Every year, we invite a number of industry guests from North America and Japan to come to NDK, including voice actors, directors, art directors, and others. Our guests put on panels, participate as judges in our contests, and hold autograph sessions throughout the weekend. They've even been known to hang out with attendees from time to time. And time after time, we hear how much our guests love NDK and our attendees because they keep asking us if they can come back!

NDK is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Anime Association, a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, which means every dollar we collect goes toward making NDK better every year and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the con.